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                   We are not a club, just folks who like to drive
our cars. We get together every month and cruise to some
nearby eatery and enjoy the ride and fellowship. Glad you
visited our site and come back soon!!!!!!


Lake Beatrice had skating, swimming, pool tables, bowling, and Mr. Ely bending over to pick up a coin or marking your last 5 cents off his cardboard recordbook
     'Coke' meant Coca-Cola
     Going to the 'show' meant going to the GRAND to watch a movie
     Friday and Saturday night we would cruise from the FREEZ (Tastee Freeze) to Johnnie's drive-in and back all night or sit and watch on Grant St. at a local business
     Drive-in resturants had carhops (Spotted Pig, Johnnie's, Al-Jo's, etc.)
     Bicycle racks were needed at the GRAND
     Haile Drug Co. had a soda fountain with jukebox and magazine/comic book stand (some favorites were Vanilla coke, Cherry 7up, etc
     Gas was 22 to 30 cents per gallon and gas stations were on every corner (station workers would check oil, water, tire pressures, clean windshield, etc
     Schools included Fitzgerald High, Monitor High, Ward schools (1st, 2nd, 3rd) Roanoke, Lynwood, and Ashton
     Having a date included actually going to their house, getting out of the car, and going to the door to pick up your date
     After a football game we would go to the Community Center for the reception (dance)
     Sub-Debs had a formal dance
     The car dealers in town would make sure nobody saw the new models till the release date
     Al-Jo's had a special (hamburger) for 20 cents
     You could go to the GRAND for a quarter
     Everyone was in town on Saturday
     The local newspaper once a month included the school paper (Hurricane Winds) which had my favorite 'Bucket of Bolts'
     Dances were held on most Fridays or Saturdays at Bees Nees, or Teen Scene (acts like Billy Joe Royal, B J Thomas, Bushmen, etc)
     Local bands played for our dances (Buddy Davis and the Serpents, Jimmy Puckett and the Cyclones, Furys, Saints, etc )
     There were two theatres and two drive-in movies in town
     Common night spots were Moonlight Hill or Footsteps
     There was a Crystal Lake
     You always went to 'show' on Sunday night no matter what was playing
     Late at night (usually after dates) was the time to go get hamburgers and chocolate milk at Sultana Truck Stop
     8-tracks were the thing to have
     You got up in the morning and went to the front porch for milk and butter
     The TAMS performed at the Gold Leaf Warehouse
     Grocery stores and Drug stores delivered
     Almost everyone in town knew almost everyone in town
     There were candy counters in the 5 and dime stores
     Your car radio could pick up WLS in Chicago for rock-n-roll with DJ John Landecker
     We had fun!!!!!!!!
Fitzgerald GA 31750  (Our Home)
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